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Online Placement

It enables PSTPs track placed trainees trade wise, reduces manual work. PSTPs can have access on web portal of BBSYDP through allocated login ID & Password with the certain administrator restriction of view/ edit of some specific fields of data. .

Online Registration

BBSYDP has developed a fourm of institutes/PSTPs where management can view day to day joining status of placed candidates, institute can view trainee wise registration, it has proved efficient in , PSTPs don’t have to generate emails for joining of status of trainees. It enables PSTPs to generate offer letters, ID cards after joining of candidates. This has proved an improved reporting mechanism on web portal of BBSYDP.

Online Attendence

Training partner can update attendance of trainees on weekly / fortnightly basis (as specified by BBSYDP), resultantly stipend will be processed timely without waiting for receipt of monthly attendance of trainees form PSTPs. Portal has the ability to calculate the trainees monthly stipend/ dislocation amount without indulging program officer in manual calculations. Attendance data can be exported in excel format as well.

Online Transfer

Using this feature trainees can apply for transfer of their location and can also apply for the change of training course. This option is subject to availability

Welcome to BBSYDP Trainee Management System.

Since start of trainings (Phase-I to IV) BBSYDP has been the firm believer of the concept "Even best can be improve". Keeping in view that concept BBSYDP has strived to align professional approach with technological applications to improve communication and coordination with Private Sector Training Providers and Trainees. After series of efforts and professional touch by Management of BBSYDP,MIS wing has designed and implemented "Online Trainees Management System" at start of Phase-V training and it has become evident that customized application has delivered terrific results . This online Trainees Management System consists on 03 components:
1. Online Placement
2. Online Trainee Registration
3. Online Attendance

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